Friday, November 05, 2004

MSN Search Thinks I'm an Authority

I recently began tracking 'hits' to my site, using a free tracker from

It's nice to know that I actually have traffic (thanks!) and I'm not just writing for the crickets.

One of the things that the tracker shows is referrers - that is, whether a visitor clicked on a link on another web page to get to mine. And all of the referrer results so far have been from - people searching for passthison, preexploit, spyware and virus are being directed to my "Don't Click That!" post from last month.

Searching for preexploit and virus, in fact, currently returns this site as the only result.

If you came here from a search engine, please post a comment to let me know whether you found what you were looking for. Or send me e-mail - maybe I can help you out.